The Ruark R7 is a Modern Take on an Old-Fashioned Furnishing

 - Aug 24, 2017
References: ruarkaudio & digitaltrends
The Ruark R7 is channeling the nostalgia of a past piece of furniture not currently common in households. In fact, radiograms are so distant from the average home that most consumers probably aren't even familiar with the word at all. This new musical piece of furniture is hoping to reinsert itself into the vernacular, offering modernized features that make it an adept piece for any home.

Before the rise of digital music files, people listened to music either on vinyl or on the radio. Radiograms were pieces of furniture with both radios and record players built in. They served as a key entertainment hub in people's home for decades — until they were rendered obsolete by technology.

The Ruark R7 brings the radiogram back by outfitting it with modern musical tech. It comes with Spotify Connect and Bluetooth control built in, so consumers can play music they way they want while still gaining the retro, stylish decor.