This Book Allows Parents to Document their Children's Accomplishments

 - Aug 22, 2017
References: landofnod
The ABC's to SAT's Memory Book functions as a personalized keepsake for parents who would like to keep track of their children's accomplishments, milestones, and favorite memories over the years.

The book is able to track children's milestones when they first start school, and goes all the way up to Grade 12. It progresses in complexity as the child grows up, and provides space to track things such as "favorite subjects," "favorite hobbies," and "friends." It is an ideal gift for parents of young children who would like a distinct way to track the major events that happen in their kids' lives as they grow up.

This Memory Book functions as a gift that gives twice, as it can also be given to the student once they have graduated, so they can see see their best moments in school over the years.