PUCKPUCK Turns an Aeropress into a Cold Brew Coffee Drip Tower

 - Nov 8, 2017
References: bit.ly
Consumers can now turn an Aeropress into a cold brew coffee drip tower with the simple addition of PUCKPUCK.

This simple little product fits neatly on top of an Aeropress, giving it another lease on life and making coffee lovers fall in love with it more than they do already. It works by allowing a user to control a steady drip of water that hits the coffee grounds over a period of two to three hours. The resulting brew is smooth and sweet, and cold brew also has the added benefit of being easier on the stomach as the slow extraction removes a lot of the acids usually found in hot coffee.

Users can even make it on their travels with your Aeropress, all that's one needs is a mineral water bottle to make cold brew anywhere.

The crowdfunding project for PUCKPUCK is now live on Kickstarter.