Grain Powder Packaging Communicates an Honesty of Its Contents

 - Sep 4, 2017
References: & packagingoftheworld
This example of grain powder packaging is evidence of a shift in the marketing behind products in its category. For many years, nutritional supplements like this have been more obviously targeted at men seeking muscle gains, yet the market hadn't really tapped into a peripheral consumer base that had also been benefitting from such products.

For XIANMOFANG of Taiwan, designer Nio Ni avoided the bulk and braun that has been the typical imagery of protein powders and the like, in favor of a bright blank canvas. On top of this white base, the illustrator drew the colorful full forms of the original ingredients –– from nuts and beans to pulses and grains –– communicating quite clearly the actual contents. This clever strategy makes the perfect, appealing packaging for women especially, but generally it is attractive to the health-conscious who wish to enhance their bodies to any degree.