From Nine-Pin Wine Bottles to Paint-Like Sunscreen Packages

 - Oct 28, 2017
From nine-pin wine bottles to paint-like sunscreen packages, the October 2017 packaging trends reveal that brands are increasingly willing to experiment with unexpected shapes and formats when it comes to packaging their products.

One sector that is constantly churning out new innovations when it comes to packaging is the alcohol industry. For instance, Kiko Calvo's new Strike wine bottles are cleverly shaped like bowling pins instead of standard wine bottles. Another example is Vals Nat's clever four-pack beer holder, which is specially crafted to fit onto the middle rod of one's bike for easy transport.

Another industry that has no qualms about experimenting with uniquely shaped packaging is the cosmetic industry. As the October 2017 packaging trends reveal, clever designs such as the Clarins' Lip Oil Kaleidoscope Wheel and Wickes' paint pot-like sunscreen packages, are a major hit among consumers.