The Nitro Brew Co. Concept Offers Smoothly Textured Beverages

 - Sep 15, 2017
References: thedieline
Nitrogen is increasingly being offered as a smoother alternative to the carbonated beverages people are used to consuming, and the Nitro Brew Co. is a conceptual brand that features this fad front and center.

The concept brand offers canned teas, as a slight diversion from the bottled cold teas that dominate the market. The Nitro Brew Co. offers three distinct flavors, including a Vanilla Bean & Spearmint, a Fennel & Licorice flavor, and a Hibiscus flavor. Each of these concept teas feature the smooth fizzy texture that nitrogen creates when it is infused in beverages.

The cans themselves feature vibrant abstract branding that is bold in both design and color, making this concept brand one that established companies can likely take inspiration from.