These Elegantly Designed Berry Boxes Elevate Corphes' Blackberries

 - Sep 16, 2017
References: & packagingoftheworld
Although the majority of berry boxes boast brightly colored designs that aim to convey that the product is bursting with freshness, the Luminous Design Group took a radically different approach for Corphes.

As Corphes specializes in "bio blackberries that are cultivated in the highest altitude of natural cultivation in Greece," Luminous Design Group created an elevated packaging design to communicate what sets this brand's berries apart from others. The elegant all-black design of the berry boxes emphasizes the natural form of the berries and makes them look like high-end designer goods.

Across the food industry, several produce brands are creating vibrantly patterned crates and fashion-forward packaging systems that aim to catch the eyes of consumers who are looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet.