Ergastiri Meliou's Honey Jar Packaging Resembles an Apiarist

While there are many honey jar packaging designs that embrace honeycomb motifs or black and yellow stripes, Ergastiri Meliou's Beekeeper stands out from the rest by embracing a different part of beekeeping. Rather than favoring a packaging design that features the beneficial pollinating insects, the design takes the form of a cartoonish apiarist instead.

The simple design for the thyme honey product is constructed from wood, acrylic paint and white tulle, complete with rounded lid that mimics the shape of the brim of a beekeeper's protective hat.

The dynamic packaging design was displayed at the 'It's all, oh so souvenir to me' exhibition, which showcases modern, creatively designed keepsakes for tourists. Beekeeper serves as a reminder of the vital role that humans can play in the protection and preservation of bees.