The Folgers Simply Gourmet Coffees are Rich and Natural

 - Sep 19, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Flavored coffee is gaining more popularity amongst many including coffee connoisseurs, which makes the new Folgers Simply Gourmet Coffees a timely new product release. The new line of coffees features familiar and unexpected options that are all free from artificial flavors and made with natural ingredients only. The whole collection has six flavors in total including Natural Chocolate, Natural Vanilla, Natural Cinnamon, Natural Caramel, Natural Chocolate Raspberry and Natural Mint.

The new Folgers Simply Gourmet Coffees are being showcased by Food Network personality and celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli who will create a series of coffee-inspired recipes to try out with the grounds. The coffees will come packed in 10 ounce bags and can be prepared using whatever brewing method if preferred including pour over, automatic drip and French press.