The Columbus Craft Meats Uncured Pepperoni and Salami are Savory

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Meats like pepperoni and salami are made through a curing process that is associated with being somewhat unhealthy, so the Columbus Craft Meats seen here are intended to be a more natural alternative.

Uncured and crafted with pork that is raised without the use of antibiotics, the meats come in three varieties including Uncured Italian Dry Salami, Uncured Genoa Salami and Uncured Pepperoni. Each of the meats are free from nitrates and nitrites yet keep a distinctly savory flavor thanks to the use of various spices.

A growing number of consumers are looking for products that are healthier alternatives to their favored foods rather than avoid them altogether. The Columbus Craft Meats pepperoni and salami are an example of how brands are responding to this shift with a distinct focus on quality and value.