From Boozy Meat Snacks to Bug-Based Meatballs

 - Dec 23, 2017
Gifts for meat lovers can be given out as small Christmas treats for both flavor and humor purposes, with brands catering to both with various products.

The artisanal meat brand Three Jerks is offering a Filet Mignon Maple Bourbon Churro Jerky flavor, which meat lovers can enjoy without the fear of the product having little flavor. The dried jerky is made in California, and has no gluten, nitrates, MSG or any artificial ingredients. The flavorful jerky snack would make for an excellent stocking suffer this holiday season.

Another example is Micarna's 'Pop-Bugs,' which are meatballs that have been made with insect flour. On top of being more sustainable than traditional meat products, these meatballs are well-suited for foodies who are always looking to try something new.