Micarna's Dual-Chamber 'Fleur de Viande' Includes Meat and Herbs

 - Oct 18, 2017
References: micarna.ch
Although consumers have become quite familiar with the the kinds of seasoning that salt and pepper shakers or spice mills offer, Micarna is offering something entirely new with one of its latest innovations, 'Fleur de Viande.'

Fleur de Viande takes the form of a tall spice mill with a dual-chamber design. One compartment is reserved for storing Swiss alpine herbs, while the other holds Natura Bündnerfleisch, an air-dried meat. As such, this unique design makes it possible for consumers to easily balance meat and herb portions in everything from pastas and grain-based dishes to salads. The meat-integrated spice mills from Micarna are offered in three flavors: Alpine Chili, Salad Mix and Raclette Mix.

As Bündnerfleisch is traditionally treated with white wine, salt and various herbs prior to it being dried, this product offers an exploration of meat as a seasoning itself.