Smithfield Foods' 'Ready, Snack, Go!' Line is Made for Portability

Smithfield Foods is now selling a line of snackable deli meats in pre-portioned packages. With more and more consumers eating on the go, the single-serve snack packs make perishable products such as meat and cheese easier to enjoy anytime.

The 'Ready, Snack, Go!' lineup from Smithfield Foods consists of individually sealed packs filled with sliced meat and cheese. The snack packs come in a variety of different flavors, including Roasted Turkey & Hot Pepper Cheese and Smoked Ham & American Swiss Cheese. What is particularly noteworthy about the packages is that they are sealed so that the meat and cheese inside stays fresh even when taken on the go. There is also a handy three-pack option, which is ideal for sharing.

Safe for school lunches or a mid-afternoon snack, these meat and cheese pairings make it easier for consumers to enjoy fresh food on the go.