- Apr 1, 2017
With a growing number of consumers eating on the go, the March 2017 food packaging trends reveal that there has been a rise in the demand for portable packaging. Whether it is single-serve jars filed with pre-cooked chicken or cheesecake desserts packaged in portable cups, it is clear that consumers prefer foods that allow for easy transport.

One of the most popular forms of to-go food packaging is single-serve portions. These types of snacks and meals eliminate the need for manual portioning, helping consumers save precious time each day. Examples of single-serve packages range from tiny glass jars filled with pre-cooked chicken to portable granola pouches that can expand to act as individual cereal bowls.

Beyond single-serve packaging, the March 2017 food packaging trends also reveal an emphasis on compartmentalized containers that make it easier for consumers to enjoy different ingredients without the need to carry multiple containers. For example, Nosh Mates has created snack kits that contain pretzels, apple slices or other ingredients in one compartment and a sweet dip in the other. Similarly, Chobani's Flip products come in containers that are designed to separate yogurt from crunchy toppings.

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