The Meatloaf Bakery Forms Its Loaves into Bite-Sized Savory Dinner Cups

As an alternative to shaping its meatloaf products into single family-sized loaf pans for cooking, The Meatloaf Bakery forms individual portions that end up looking like cupcakes or muffins—that are packaged and delivered like them too.

The savory dinner cups are offered in varieties such as The Mother Loaf, Herby Turkey Loaf and Loaf-a-Roma, which feature savory toppings like white bread stuffing or cheesy potatoes.

In order to make these innovative meatloaf creations accessible to Americans across the United States, The Meatloaf Bakery offers a service called 'Meatloaf By Mail,' which provides a box of six "meatloaf cupcakes" that are wrapped to protect and preserve freshness. Alternatively, those who love to spend time in the kitchen may also choose to follow the recipes provided in The Meatloaf Bakery Cookbook.