From Boozy Fast Food Menus to Craft Beer BBQ Sauces

 - Apr 26, 2016
These branded food & beverage partnerships range from cheese-flavored milkshakes to boozy fast food menus that feature donut and burger varieties that are spiced with popular brews and spirits. While Mixed Eats' food truck menu blends classic fast food snacks with Guinness beer and Baileys Irish Cream ingredients, lifestyle brand Williams-Sonoma infuses its signature BBQ sauces with craft beer from US-based breweries.

Other branded food & beverage partnerships include Innis & Gunn's signature marmalade collection that is infused with the popular IPA beer as well as Pop-Tarts' co-branded breakfast snacks that feature soda flavors. The kid-approved brand recently teamed up with A&W and Crush to create root beer and orange soda breakfast tarts that will appeal to foodies of all ages.

Additional standouts include cookie-flavored iced coffee menus and creamy coffee pods that are infused with familiar dessert ingredients.