This Snack Food Guide Suggests Beer Types to Serve with Kettle Brand Chips

 - Apr 26, 2016
References: kettlebrand
A visit to just about any bar makes it clear that potato chips and beer are a tried-and-true combination, but this snack food guide from Kettle Brand advises more nuanced pairings that will appeal to beer connoisseurs and foodies alike.

Kettle Brand makes a variety of chips like Spicy Thai, Honey Dijon and Sweet Onion. In order to help consumers appreciate each flavor to the fullest, a graphic was created in collaboration with The Beer Wench. As well as highlighting general beer types to go with each potato chip flavor, each suggestion includes an assortment of beer products to try. For instance, the brand's Backyard Barbecue chips are recommended alongside an American IPA like Bell's Two-Hearted Ale or Three Floyd's Alpha King.

This guide is the perfect way to capitalize on foodie culture, the craft beer movement and a new wave of exotic food and alcohol pairings.