'B-Ready' Consists of Baguette-Like Bread that Contains Nutella

 - Feb 2, 2017
References: nutella & packagingoftheworld
Nutella B-Ready was created by the company Ferrero and was inspired by the way most people eat Nutella -- by spreading it on plain bread or toast.

The product combines bread with Nutella by placing it inside a crunchy leavened bread shell that looks like a miniature baguette. After being tested on the Italian market in the last couple years, it is now an official Nutella product and is marketed as a "morning and mid-morning snack." The packaging for the product is similar to that of standard Nutella products and features an image of the bread snack alongside the familiar coloring associated with the brand.

Nutella's B-Ready snacks are inspired by consumers' morning rituals and are both an indulgent and convenient snack option.