The FailChips Brand Runs on a Subversive Concept

 - Feb 16, 2017
References: failchips & designtaxi
FailChips is a new brand of snacks that is inspired by the crumbs left at the bottom of chip bags, that tend to be small and more flavorful than the rest.

Rather than offer a standard bag of chips, the brand decided to offer the small, mixed sizes that can be found at the bottom of other chip bags. It also seasoned them heavily so that they have the same extra salty and flavorful taste that chip crumbs do. The brand offers three different flavors, including a barbecue, a jalapeno, and a classic salt and vinegar. The branding for the products is bold and features the company's eye-catching name in large, black block letters.

FailChips' marketing strategy follows a creative concept and is accompanied by bold branding.