Farmer's Fridge Sells Seasoned Chicken Snacks in Small Containers

Farmer's Fridge is a Chicago-based business that sells its seasoned chicken cubes in a unique way. Rather than packaging them by the box or tray, Farmer's Fridge stores its seasoned chicken snacks in BPA-free recyclable plastic jars.

The two-ounce jars contain organic chicken pieces that have been cooked with just a few flavorful ingredients, including olive oil, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. A single-serve jar contains about 80 calories and provides 15 grams of protein.

Because of the standout packaging system used by Farmer's Fridge, the grab-and-go jars can be returned at any Farmer's Fridge kiosk, or recycled as usual. The company also suggests a number of ways that the jar can be reused once emptied, such as repurposing it as a herb planter, a pen holder or even a sand art container.