The Perfect Bite Co.'s 'Sophisticated Cookies' Boast European Flavors

At this year's Winter Fancy Food Show, The Perfect Bite Co. showed off its new range of savory cookies, called the 'Sophisticated Cookies' collection. This all-new cookie line takes inspiration from bold European flavors such as Rosemary Butter and Parmesan Butter with Fennel and Sea Salt. While these are flavors that might be easily found in artisan crackers, they make for new and unique savory cookies.

As more consumers seek out sweet and spicy pairings, as well as food items that offer rich, yet unexpected flavor combinations, food manufacturers are responding with the creation of unusual food hybrids.

The Perfect Bite Co. boasts that its Sophisticated Cookies offer a level of gourmet that seems to be "straight out of a renowned Parisian café."