'Nosh Mates' Pairs Fruit and Pretzel Snacks with Sweet Dips

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: noshem & packagingoftheworld
As an indulgent caramel dip is one of the best things to pair with fruit and pretzels, Nosh Mates is pairing and packaging these snacks for on-the-go eating.

Nosh Mates' 'Crispy Apples & Dip' sets contain three single-serving portions of apple chips and a sweet dip. Varieties offered include different kind of apple chips, as well as salted caramel, chocolate caramel and dark chocolate fudge dips.

While many emerging snack products on the market either attempt to fall into a category with other indulgent or wholesome snacks, Nosh Mates proudly embraces both terms in its branding. As it describes, "NoshMates truly is the best of both worlds, combining the essence of fruit and grains with the decadence of smooth dipping sauces."