Milkadamia Makes "Milk" with Nuts Sourced from "Free-Range Trees"

 - Sep 10, 2017
References: milkadamia & wellandgood
A growing number of non-dairy, plant-based milk alternatives are appearing on the market, including new options from Milkadamia, which makes macadamia milk that is free from soy, dairy, GMO ingredients and gluten.

One of the main features that sets Milkadamia apart from other brands that produce macadamia nut milk is that it puts an emphasis on sustainable farming initiatives. Milkadamia even goes as far as to say that its nuts are sourced from "free-range trees" on a regenerative, low-energy, low-impact farm.

As Milkadamia puts it: "We call our trees ‘free-range trees’ because they are not tethered to an irrigation system catering exclusively to their needs. Without the assistance of this artificial life support, our trees are grown connected to the health of the whole area."

While many conscious consumers are familiar with seeing labels like "free-range" on egg cartons, Milkadamia is setting a new precedent for the food and beverage industry with its uniquely branded products.