From CBD Superfood Bowls to On-the-Go Soup Cones

 - Mar 6, 2018
These plant-based bowl meals range from CBD superfood bowls to on-the-go soup cones that present traditional breakfast and lunch favorites in a new way. A craze among Millennial consumers, bowl meals are not only a convenient way to consume important nutrients but are also available in a myriad of combinations that are easily customized.

These plant-based examples marry great taste with healthy ingredients, with standouts including a Millennial Pink salad from NYC's 'King' restaurant -- consisting of ricotta, marjoram, walnuts and bright pink lettuce -- along with The Lost Tea Company's Asian Tea Leaf salad kits which can be prepped in minutes.

Other notables include the Instagram-friendly Rainbow Unicorn Ramen bowl, created by AJ of @theindigokitchen and Luvo's Planted Power bowls which are vegan, gluten-free and conveniently frozen for quick and easy enjoyment.