Trader Joe's Yellow Jackfruit Curry is a Plant-Based Frozen Meal

 - Dec 4, 2017
There are many classic curry dishes that are made with real meat, but a heightened demand for plant-based options has inspired the creation of products like Trader Joe's vegan-friendly Yellow Jackfruit Curry.

The frozen entree features jackfruit as the star ingredient and the substitute for meat, alongside other nourishing vegetables like peppers and eggplant. Jackfruit is becoming recognized as a suitable stand-in for meat as it can take on the flavor of sauces and boasts a satisfying texture. Although many consumers have come to know frozen meals as unhealthy, this product from Trader Joe's is minimally processed and features no artificial ingredients, preservatives or carrageenan.

Some of the other conveniently frozen, globally inspired foods that are produced by Trader Joe's include Vegan Tikka Masala and Vegan Vegetable Pad Thai.