SoupCulture Serves Its Soup in Waste-Reducing in Edible Bread Cones

 - Nov 6, 2017
References: instagram & instagram
Eating soup in a bread bowl is a comfort that's usually reserved for the home or restaurant environment, but SoupCulture serves its soup in bread cones that make the dish suitable as a handheld item for on-the-go eating. Although sogginess is one of the issues that prevents most bread bowls from being portable, the bread cones created by SoupCulture are solid enough to be comfortably held in one's hand and sipped from in the same way as a takeaway soup cup.

On top of serving a pain point for many consumers when it comes to on-the-go eating, the edible soup cone also introduces a clever way to cut down on packaging waste.

Several cafes and restaurants are now attempting to bring attention to the issue of food and packaging waste by introducing a range of unconventional serving vessels.