The Hostess Molten Lava Ding Dongs are Microwaveable Treat

 - Oct 11, 2017
References: chewboom
The revived popularity of the Twinkie has many consumers reliving their childhood through their favorite snacks, which has prompted the development of the new Hostess Molten Lava Ding Dongs. The snack cakes are individually packaged chocolate cakes that have been frosted and filled with chocolate creme. The treats are prepared by popping them in the microwave for 20 seconds, which creates a moist, decadent dessert that is similar to what you would find at a restaurant.

The Hostess Molten Lava Ding Dongs are a frozen snack cake variety that can be kept in the freezer at home and prepared whenever desired for a freshly warmed treat. This speaks to growing needs for convenience when it comes to sweet and savory prepackaged food products.