The Bagel Shop's Bagelwich Menu Fuses Frozen Treats and Bagels

 - May 7, 2018
References: wsj
New York's Bagel Shop launched its signature bagel and ice cream hybrid dubbed the "bagelwich" late last year. The hybrid dessert is already a fan favorite and is offered at the eatery's East 93rd Street and Third Avenue locations.

Stuffing artisan bagels with tasty ice cream, Bagel Shop offers bold combinations like a 'Rainbow Connection’ bagelwich which consists of technicolored bread, vanilla ice cream, gummy worm candies and a topping of sprinkles. The ‘Backyardigans’ bagelwich is another popular item on its menu, featuring Oreo ice cream, gummy worms and crushed cookie garnish fused together to resemble a bed of worms in fresh soil.

"The idea for the bagelwich was born with past viral crazes in mind, founder Mr. Dimino, Sr., says, adding that his son and business associate, Paul Dimino, Jr., suggested they come up with something unusual as a way to bring attention to the store."

Image Credit: Mark Kauzlarich