These Lollipops are Shaped Like the Eyes of Creepy Creatures

 - Jun 25, 2017
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These edible eyeball lollipops from Vintage Confections are equal parts creepy and delicious. Featuring an assortment of different shapes, sizes and colors, this collection is sure to make for the ideal spooky gift. Each lollipop set includes an array of flavors including: strawberry, green apple, cotton candy, blackberry, marshmallow, and guava.

The eyeball at the center of these creepy treats are completely edible, and revealed to be a spherical ball of sweetness after the candy exterior has been worn down. The monstrous pupil gazing back at you demands to be devoured, and is sure to be a hit among children and squeamish adults alike. Each lollipop is unique, paying homage to the genetic diversity of the fabricated monster gene pool.

These edible eyeballs make the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth and a menacing eye.