ACE Bakery's New Baguette Bagel Puts an Artisan Twist on the Classic Bagel

 - Jul 3, 2017
References: facebook & preparedfoods
Earlier this year, ACE Bakery expanded its line of ever-popular breads and baguettes to introduce the new Baguette Bagel. With light and airy interior of a bagel and a crispy crust of a fresh baguette the new product puts a sophisticated Fresh twist on a classic breakfast staple.

The new Baguette Bagel is a gourmet bagel made from just five simple ingredients: water, flour, salt, yeast and malted barley flour. The bagel contains no sugar -- unlike a traditional bagel -- and is completely free of preservatives. After the dough is made, the bagels then go through stone-deck baking to create an artisan treat that is soft and doughy inside, yet firm and crispy on the outside.

Available in grocery stores across Canada, the Baguette Bagel gives consumers a delicious way to upgrade their breakfast sandwiches.