The Free-to-Eat Veggie Pastas are Made from Plant-Based Superfoods

For those looking to add some color to their dinnertime routine, Cybele's new Free-to-Eat Veggie Pastas are the perfect solution. Containing nothing but nutrient-rich superfoods, the new pastas are just as pretty as the vegetables they are made from.

Cybele's new Free-to-Eat Veggie Pastas are plant-based pastas that are made from vegetables instead of grains. Because the pastas are made from little more than superfood veggies and other simple ingredients, they contain no grains, gluten, diary or other major food allergens. The pastas are also high in protein, potassium and vitamins A and C.

Despite the high nutritional content, the pastas are still bursting with flavor. With varieties made from beets, lentils and cauliflower, it is easier than ever for consumers to pack more veggies into their diet.