Chobani Smooth Low-Fat Classic Yogurt is Free of Artificial Ingredients

 - Jul 1, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Over half of the yogurts found in the dairy aisle are made with artificial flavors and/or sweeteners, so the Chobani Smooth Low-Fat Classic Yogurt aims to offer an option that is free of these ingredients. The yogurt comes as the brand's first non-Greek yogurt option that is reported to have 25% less sugar, two-times more protein and be a flavorful variety when compared to the competition.

The Chobani Smooth Low-Fat Classic Yogurt is made with real fruit, doesn't contain GMO ingredients and has live and active cultures in order to help you maintain a healthy gut. The fresh milk that is within the yogurt is from cows that haven't been treated with rBST to make it a natural alternative to other options in the dairy aisle.