From Fruit-Ripening Sleeves to Millennial-Themed Pool Floats

 - Dec 23, 2017
If you know someone who would easily choose a slice of fancy toast over the dream of home ownership, these gifts for the avocado enthusiast may be the perfect picks. From edible delights to handy kitchen contraptions, these gifts are perfect for anyone who loves the creamy green fruit.

For those who simply love the taste of avocados, there are plenty of stocking stuffer-sized snacks available. One sweet option is Compartes's decadent white chocolate bar, which is infused with fresh California avocados. A more savory option is Good Health's avocado oil potato chips, which have the added bonus of being gluten-free.

For those who are more interested in how they prepare and present their favorite green fruit, the Avocado Joy Slicer is the ultimate accessory. Designed for all your peeling, mashing, and cutting needs, the kitchen tool is one of the top gifts for the avocado enthusiast.