The Avocado Sock Makes For The Perfect Climate to Ripen an Avocado

 - Jul 12, 2017
References: theavocadosock & cosmopolitan
The 'Avocado Sock' is a woolen sack that perfectly ripens avocados.

This fruit-ripening device was created by former caterer, Diane Sherwood. She realized that by placing an avocado in a wool ski sock, it would ripen to perfection without any bruising and more quickly than if left in a paper bag. This method to ripen fruit stemmed from an old wives tale that says the lanolin and warmth from the sock help to create the perfect ripening environment. The Avocado Sock also works as a great avocado carrying case for picnics or lunch boxes.

The Avocado Sock is made in Canada with 100% natural wool. The sock can be used to ripen other fruits as well. Available in four natural colorways, the Avocado Sock is the perfect gift for any lover of Tex-Mex food.