From Popsicle Lip Tints to Sophisticated Hair Product Packaging

 - Jul 29, 2017
July 2017 packaging trends reveal brands' current focus on providing summer-themed products, as well as offering packaging that is more sleek than it is extravagant.

With the summer months now upon us, the Korean-inspired skincare and makeup brand ETUDE HOUSE recently released a series of lip tints that are inspired by a popular dessert treat of the season – popsicles. The vibrant lip tints are offered in a range of packages that resemble ice cream and popsicles, offering endearing designs that will likely appeal to people of all age groups.

REF Stockholm was inspired by its Swedish roots when designing the packaging for its hair care products. The sprays come in sleek bronze and silver bottles that put more of an emphasis on their vegan and cruelty free contents than they do on a flashy design, making them that much more interesting to consumers.