SPRICE Offers Flavors Like Orange & Carrot and Cucumber & Lime

Sweet and refreshing fruits are often incorporated into the ingredient lists for summer popsicles, but it is far less common to find vegetable popsicles on the market. As such, '&samhoud food' developed SPRICE as a way for consumers to get a flavorful dose of their daily greens in the form of a sweet treat.

SPRICE is offered in two flavors, including Cucumber & Lime, as well as Orange & Carrot. These organic fruit and vegetable popsicles are packaged in boxes of four that emphasize what it calls "did-you-knows and good-to-knows," such as the vitamin content of the vegetable-packed frozen treats. To further promote goodness and transparency, the packaging developed for SPRICE by creative agency MAS shows a depiction of the popsicles with an image that reflects their exact size.