Minnamame's Packaging Stands Out for Its Playful Design

 - Jun 2, 2017
References: lannaagro & packagingoftheworld
Minnamame is described as "the friendliest frozen Japanese soybean" for its quirky, minimalist design.

The edamame branding was designed by the creative agency Yindee Design, for the company Lanna Agro Industry Co., Ltd. The soybean is exported globally, but mainly to Japan, and so the brand identity was inspired by the design aesthetic that Japan is known for – minimalism. The edamame comes in white packaging with minimal labeling, and features a smiling face with a soybean making up the "smile" – hence why Minnamame is described as "friendly" by the company.

The quirky and endearing packaging designed for the Minnamame brand is drastically different from the packaging of competitors, and ensures that the product stands out on shelves.