The Sonoco ClearGuard Packaging Preserves Product Freshness

 - Jun 15, 2017
References: foodbev
The Sonoco ClearGuard line is expanding with the introduction of this food pouch packaging that is intended for use with more viscous or liquid products in order to help maintain freshness and convey it to the consumer.

The majority of prepackaged foods hide the actual product behind layers of plastic, aluminum or paper in order to protect it from contamination and preserve the freshness. This, however, does little to help consumers understand how a product actually appears in order to facilitate the conversion process and enable a purchase. This is where the Sonoco ClearGuard packaging aims to make a real statement.

The Sonoco ClearGuard food pouch packaging is completely clear to let shoppers see inside, while it also has low water vapor and oxygen transmission rates to keep the food within fresh.