The Pillsbury Filled Pastry Bags Make Quick Work of Decorating Cakes

 - Jun 13, 2017
References: chewboom
Creating gourmet-style desserts usually means filling a piping bag with icing and getting creative, but the new Pillsbury Filled Pastry Bags aim to change the need for this. Featuring pre-filled bags of icing, the products are intended to help make it far easier to create perfectly iced cakes without having to purchase additional equipment in order to do so.

The Pillsbury Filled Pastry Bags come in three flavor options including Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla and Cream Cheese, which makes them suitable for dessert varieties of all kinds. All of the various icing flavors are made with the classic Pillsbury Creamy Supreme recipes that are available in other formats. The bag packaging features a built-in star tip that can be used in order to apply several design elements for the perfect final result you desire.