From Beauty-Boosting Popsicles to Prepackaged BBQ Salads

 - Jul 29, 2017
July 2017 food branding trends reveal companies seeking to take advantage of the summer months, and putting out the many treats and foods that are popular this time of year.

Kari Molvar from the Free People blog put out a series of recipes for DIY summer popsicles that were created not just for their taste, but to offer a range of nutrients to those who consume them. The beauty popsicles come in Pineapple Lime, Lavender Blackberry, and Strawberry Hibiscus, and that are based in Beauty Waters from the Vital Proteins brand.

The Ready Pac brand is now offering summer-themed bowls in the form of Roasted Corn and Pulled Pork Bistro. These BBQ bowls ensure that those who are short on time will be able to enjoy their favorite summer dishes, without the inconvenience of making it themselves.