Twisted Yoghurt is Now Offering an Activated Charcoal Flavor

 - Jun 2, 2017
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Twisted Yoghurt is an Australian brand that serves frozen yogurt, and it recently released a new flavor that incorporates an increasingly popular beauty trend.

As activated charcoal continues to make waves in different industries, everything from cleansers and masks to juices and ice creams that contain the ingredient are popping up. Now, the frozen yogurt industry is jumping on the trend, as seen by the Twisted Frozen Yoghurt brand. The new flavor is made from Greek yogurt and contains the detoxifying ingredient activated charcoal, with claims that it helps eliminate toxins that develop in the body from consuming processed foods and from being exposed to environmental pollutants.

Twisted Yoghurt's new flavor comes on the tails of what appears to be a never-ending influx of brand's incorporating the benefits of activated charcoal into their products.