The Great Midwest's Snackin' Cheese Sets Include Cheese Bites and Cubes

 - Jun 16, 2017
The Great Midwest's Snackin' Cheese sets are loaded with string cheese bites and cheese cubes, offering a quick and easy way for consumers to enjoy a taste of artisan cheese from Wisconsin. The packs include a multi-colored assortment of mild cheddar and part-skin mozzarella, which can be seen from the cut-out transparent panels on the front of each cheese snack bag.

As well as turning to cheese as a wholesome, flavorful and portable snack that provides a source of protein, consumers are showing a greater interest in pre-packaged on-the-go cheese snacks that are minimally processed and full of nutrients. To highlight one feature of eating these bite-sized cheese pieces as a snacks, The Great Midwest's package also calls out its USA-made cheese strings and bites as a suitable gluten-free option.