Finlandia's Snack Time Packs Have Individually Wrapped Portions

There are many cheese stick snacks that are created, packaged and branded for young kids and their school lunches, but Finlandia Cheese's 'Snack Time' sets seem to target older audiences. The snack packs contain nine individually wrapped, imported cheese sticks in varieties like Gouda, Gouda and Parmesan, plus Cheddar and Gruyere, which appeal to the sophisticated palates of adults.

As many consumers seek out portable protein snacks, cheese is being packaged in smaller snack-sized portions that offer easy on-the-go enjoyment—especially as an alternative to cheese sold as shreds, blocks and wheels, which are typically reserved for the preparation of heavier lunch and dinner meals. As such, the portable Snack Time packages call out notable nutritional details such as the calories, protein and calcium content of each type of cheese stick snack.