Rosa Brothers Packages Its Flavored Milk in Glass Bottles

Although it is not uncommon to find small, single-serve cartons of milk on the shelves of most grocery stores, Rosa Brothers is a company that is differentiating itself by packaging its flavored milk in glass bottles. The White, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana milk varieties from the brand are packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles because they are said to offer a better taste experience. On top of this, unlike larger gallon-sized glass bottles that require a return deposit upon purchase, these small-scale bottles can simply be dropped into the recycling after they have been emptied.

These flavorfully filled glass milk bottles converge consumer desires for experimental beverages with a convenient and sustainable single-serve format that is easily transported for on-the-go drinking.

Across food, beverages and even the world of fashion and beauty, brands are turning to the use of glass for packaging as a premium, sustainable material.