Bona's Hardwood Floor Cleaner Comes with an Easy-to-Use Dispenser

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: us.bona & packagingdigest
Due to the amount of volume that most hardwood floor cleaner product packages contain, the bottles or jugs can sometimes be difficult to maneuver. As such, Bona developed a refill pouch packaging system for its hardwood floor cleaning product, which features a reduced environmental footprint and a lightweight package.

The pouch features a built-in handle for carrying, as well as a spill-proof spout that can be used to dispense the floor-cleaning solution. Since the product takes the form of a plastic pouch, it also reduces the risk of being dropped from shoulder or head height when stored high on a shelf.

Pouch packages have become a popular way for brands to offer less packaging material by weight, as well as a solution that is easily transported by retail staff and consumers.