L'Eaundry's Laundry Detergent Fragrances Resemble Perfume

 - Jun 13, 2017
References: leaundry
With packaging that reminds of a classic perfume bottle design, it would be easy to mistake L'Eaundry's laundry detergent fragrance products for an actual cosmetic.

Scents like Oriental Olibanum, Asian Ginger Flower and Scandinavian Moss are designed to be used with precious, high-end garments such as delicate materials and lingerie, where extra care will be put into the care and maintenance of the garments. The fragrant laundry detergent products do in fact contain perfume oil, which help to anoint one's wardrobe with fresh fragrance notes.

As well as selling the items in its three-piece collection individually, L'Eaundry also makes its laundry detergent fragrances available as part of giftable sets, giving consumers the chance to build their own aromatic "scent wardrobe" with the complete product range.