From Forearm Hydration Gear to Athlete-Endorsed Snack Ads

 - Jul 29, 2017
These July 2017 fitness trends incorporate a range of function-focused apparel, high-tech activity trackers, and a variety of services that aim to get consumers into the best shape possible.

Although cruises are often associated with sugary cocktails and relaxing atmospheres, Blue World offers getaways for consumers who are focused on living a healthy lifestyle. In order to satisfy this demographic of travelers, Blue World's ships boast a variety of fitness amenities, locally-sourced food options, and athlete-focused spa and medicine services.

Also included in these July 2017 fitness trends is the new Ivy Park collection. As the brand was co-founded by Beyoncé, it's no surprise that its second collection is full of powerful designs -- with statement graphics, minimal color palettes, and clean geometric patterns marking the apparel.