The NRL's 'Instabilia' Rewarded Fans with Instant Sports Memorabilia

 - Jun 6, 2017
References: digitalbuzzblog
To bring the same level of action and excitement as watching a sports game to the experience of collecting sports memorabilia, the NRL created a social media campaign called 'Instabilia.'

Instabilia, or "Instant Memorabilia" gave fans the chance to immediately get their hands on valuable items from a game's special moments, such as real dirt from the field or kicking tees that helped with winning goals.

As items were given meaning throughout the in-game activation, the Instabilia was quickly turned into promotional content that was posted as a live auction video for fans to bid on via eBay. As compared to traditional game memorabilia, the Instabilia reportedly sold for more than 12 times the usual prices, with the proceeds collected from the stunt put towards a partnering charity.