Between You and the Moon’s Baby Moon Range is Organically Sourced

 - Jun 6, 2017
References: betweenyouandthemoon
Between You and the Moon’s 'Baby Moon Collection' consists of healing skincare, and bath products that are mystically branded. Drawing inspiration from age-old remedies -- both when it comes to its organic ingredients and illustrated packaging -- this collection consists of a coconut oil serum, a classic zinc ointment, a milk bath, a bum spray, a baby wash, and a baby powder.

Each organically sourced product is gentle on even the most sensitive of skin, and is sold in a convenient kit for $108. This kit also includes a jute bag, and is the ideal gift for new parents with an appreciation for sustainable skincare.

Between You and the Moon’s 'Baby Moon' collection embraces consumers' growing appreciation for ancient healing remedies and products that are marketed for their spiritual properties. In addition to its natural ingredients, this baby care kit features apothecary-themed branding with illustrated labels that are reminiscent of vintage botany art.