Fresh Picked Certified Organic by Allysha Bendik is Sustainable

Fresh Picked Certified Organic products are handpicked, so to show this Allysha Bendik decided to represent this concept in the most apparent way possible.

For the packaging that holds together the various fruits and vegetables from the brand, Bendik chose package that shows a large hand wrapped around the produce. A minimalist, green and white color palette was used so as not to overpower the product, and also demonstrate how fresh these items actually are, with the green of course representing nature.

Sustainable materials were also used for the production of packaging for Fresh Picked Certified Organic products, keeping with the company's theme of staying healthy, which applies both to the person buying the food, as well as the overall well-being of the planet. Bendik does a great job here of representing the direction and aims of this company with her packaging design.